FAQ 2. - Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD)

1. FAQ question What is Environmental Sustainable Design (ESD)?
  FAQ answer Simply put ESD is the use of design methods and the choice of materials in your proposed works, that minimise load on our environment. This will help to reduces carbon dioxide production and thus hopefully may help to reduce the rate of climate change.
2. FAQ question What Materials and Design methods can I use in a sustainable design?
  FAQ answer Well there are simple methods; like orientation of living areas on the north side, appropriate shading of eaves, and with materials choice there are obvious ones like recycled materials against new ones and materila mass on external walls etc. However both design methods and materials choice are complex issues and should be considered over the whole design proposal. Thus if you give us a brief summary in the "Contact Us" form we can discuss your proposed choice and design direction.
3. FAQ question What other issues can you consider in ESD
  FAQ answer The list can be almost endless and ever-changing and it includes, energy efficient appliances, water conservation and grey water recycling, rain water collection and use, solar hot water, insulation options, solar cells collectors and many others
4. FAQ question Which is the most important ESD option to consider in a design ?
  FAQ answer Well that will depend on a number of issues, sometimes the site location can determine this, or your expectations and budget can have a strong influence in the final decision.
5. FAQ question Can I design to stage my ESD costs ?
  FAQ answer In a carefully thought out design this can be achieved, and by allowing for the appropriate space, and the inclusion of the required serviced ducts to take the additions at a later stage it all can result in a reduced cost in the long run.