FAQ 3. - Services

1. FAQ question What Building Design Services do you provide ?
  FAQ answer Building Design services can be provided for the full process, or in part, depending on the client requirements and the job type. Generally the process is broken down into four main stages with a number of sub stages such as Project Feasibility - to determine if the project is possible.
  • Sketch Design
  • Design Development
  • Documentation
  • Contract Administration
2. FAQ question What are Sketch design Services?
  FAQ answer Generally Sketch Design Services may Include:
  • Existing conditions Drawings
  • Compilation of a Brief
  • Possible Design Approach
  • Sketch Design Drawings
  • Assistance with Preliminary Costs Assessments (Based on m2 rate)
3. FAQ question What are Design Development Services?
  FAQ answer Generally Design Development services may include:
  • Design Development Drawings (The Final Design including all Elevations and Views as may be required.)
  • Town Planning Applications
    (Applications to Town Planning Departments including Site analyses and design response as requested by each Authority)
  • Marketing drawings
4. FAQ question What are Documentation Services?
  FAQ answer Generally Documentation Services may Include:
  • Working Drawings sufficient to obtain a Building Permit or fully detailed for Tendering.
  • Specifications sufficient to obtain a Building permit or fully detailed for Tendering.
5. FAQ question What are Contract Administration Services?
  FAQ answer Generally Administration Services may Include
  • Part (a)
    • Assistance with the Builder Tender List and assistance in determining which contract type to use.
    • Assistance with the Tendering process and negotiations to choose a Builder.
  • Part (b)
    • Assistance to the client with Administration of the Building Contract.
Other Services such as Marketing Compilations, renderings, Graphics and other services can be arranged - for further information enter you details in the "Contact Us" form from the above menu .