FAQ 7. - Building Permit

1. FAQ question Do I need a Building Permit for my project.
  FAQ answer In nearly all cases the answer to this is "yes", only in rare circumstances, when the project is very small and may only involve internal work this may vary. Contact the Building Surveyor at your local Council or Shire they will supply you with the appropriate answer. In any case no Building work should occur without determining if a Building Permit is required, this may result in penalties to a greater value of the Building work itself and may effect your insurance and your capacity to sell the project at completion
2. FAQ question How do I get a Building Permit?
  FAQ answer To get a Building Permit you require to produce drawings and specifications to fully describe the proposed works (Generally referred to the Working Drawings and Specifications). This involves the productions of plans, elevations and sections and a description of the materials used in the construction. If you would like us to the working drawings for your project please fill in your details in the "Contact Us" page and we will provide you with a fee structure for the working drawings and specifications and a list pf probable consultants.
3. FAQ question What consultants do I need for my project?
  FAQ answer Again this depends on the type, size and nature of the project. However it would be uncommon for a project not to require at least a Structural Engineer consultant and a Land Surveyor. Consultants are generally appointed by the owners in consultation with the Building Designer. All consultants are paid directly by the owners unless specifically shown in Contract between the Building Designer and the owners to be otherwise.
4. FAQ question Who issues a Building Permit and how long does it take to obtain?
  FAQ answer Building permits are issued by a registered Building Surveyor, this may be a Council or private Building Surveyor Depending on your particular region and circumstances. Generally after the drawings are produced by the Building Designer a fee is paid by the owners to the Building Surveyor and the checking process begins.

If amendments are required the Building Designer amends the drawings to the satisfaction of the Building Surveyor who at completion of such amendments issues a Building Permit. Work on any site should only begin after a Building Surveyor supplies a marked drawing set showing a Building Permit stamp. Unlike the Town Planning permit the time taken for a Building Permit can be fairly accurately assessed as long as you have previously obtained a Town Planning permit and no other advertising is required.

5. FAQ question What else does the Building Surveyor do after he issues a Building Permit
  FAQ answer The Building Surveyor does a number of inspections during the Building Process, he generally checks the Building Structure to Comply with The Building Code of Australia and associated Codes. He is not responsible to check the Builders work or determine when payments are to be made to the Builder.

This is an arrangement that you must make with the person doing "The administration of Contract" which may or may not be included in your Building Design Fee depending of the contents of the Building Designer Contract.