FAQ 8. - Fees

1. FAQ question How does do you charge for Building Design Work?
  FAQ answer As stated in the services section fees are charged individually to each project, no estimate of fees will be given by e-mail or phone until the project location and the client requirements are assessed. Generally, after initial contact we would ask for details of the site and a general statement of your expectations so that we can asses the project potential and resultant fees.
2. FAQ question As a prospective client how do I/we make initial contact?
  FAQ answer Use the phone number shown on our "Contact Us" page or send an email with your contact details - please include your name and phone number; we will reply as soon as possible. (Long distance clients can be handled by email and Internet video phone “ you do not need to have an Internet phone.)
3. FAQ question How will you resolve information transfer between client and Building Designer?
  FAQ answer Phone, e-mail and "snail mail" generally resolve the information transfer quite well, after all it is the information (drawings, image lists and specifications) that you employ us to provide. (In the client login we will provide steps on how each section of information transfer is handled between client “ Building Designer)
4. FAQ question How will you resolve issues with Local Authorities when dealing long distance?
  FAQ answer Authorities whether local or at long distance generally converse by e-mail, phone or snail mail, (Face to face meetings are getting rarer by the day “ but if required long distance a video phone link can be setup) so distance is really no barrier. Most documents including drawings are in PDF format and only the final documents are sent as hard copy. (Hard copies documents are sent by snail mail “ it still exists “ and will generally get there in a reasonable time). We do not send original documents, and we do not expect to receive original documents “ so do not send original documents to us “ if you do, you will never get them back!
5. FAQ question How will you resolve Consultants issues during the Design or Construction Process?
  FAQ answer Generally consultants are appointed by the client in consultation with the Building designer, so consultants such as Land surveyors, Engineers and others are generally local to the area and thus readily available to the client . (For full detail on which consultants you may require for your project refer to client log in)