rp northunit 178x110

These units were designed for the rental market to meet clients specific orientation and unit size requests. Each bedroom contains a bathroom and a balcony, with a possible study area of the stairs with north facing internal courtyard.

Lower sections are divided into two distinct living areas to allow more flexibility of rental.

 v side north 178x110

 victoria north 230x178

v front north south Short 378x230 rp west Blue 178x230
 victoria 1 front 178x110

Materials are 'concrete tilt panels' cast on site, glazed brickwork for three major colors, mixed lightweight construction with  texture finish on the upper levels.

The wall patens on the North and South walls reflect existing roof shapes in the area. External highlight colors used were to reflect the 7 colors of the spectrum.

 rp frontlookingsouth 178x110